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“Helping to Rebuild Communities”

Dogwood Charitable Foundation

Dogwood Charitable Foundation Quarterly Newsletter

September 27, 2008                                                                                                                                                                           Vol. 1 No. 1


Brought to you by Dogwood Charitable Foundation.

The Dogwood Charitable Foundation would like to introduce our very first newsletter.  We wanted to share what we are doing with all our friends, supporters and all the wonderful people who have come out to volunteer their time on many of the projects we've been working on.  We will be sending a quarterly newsletter, sharing the projects we have been working on and letting you know what will be happening in the future.  Thank you for your support.  - Jim Grossman, President

Our Current Project


Albion Field Station is located in Albion, on the Mendocino Coastline.  A project has been undertaken to add 24 bathrooms to existing cabins.  The plan is to complete this project by the end of the year.  The Dogwood Charitable Foundation has taken on the management of this volunteer project.  Jim and Martha Grossman will be directing the  volunteers.  During the week of September 17-21, we were able to accomplish many projects.  Projects completed include:

· Exterior siding of seven structures is  90% complete.

· All the old siding was pressure washed and then used to side the backside of all the buildings.

· 70 concrete blocks were laid to build a wall around a propane tank. 

· The shop building was  completely cleaned and organized. 

· The ladies spent a lot of time organizing the laundry rooms and store rooms. 

· General clean up through out the camp filled a 20 yard  dumpster. 

· 20 interior doors were removed to prepare for sheet rock. 

The windows in one of the cabins were lowered to make room for sleeping  lofts.    

Calendar of Events

October 15 - 20

Monterey Bay Academy Work Bee - Some of our projects will be to pour concrete, install cyclone fencing, painting and miscellaneous handyman jobs.  Please view the calendar page on our website for more details. 


November 11-16 

Albion Field Station - Bathroom Addition Project - At this stage of the project, we will be completing the siding on all the bathroom additions, closing in all projects for winter and preparing for drywall.  Food and lodging will be provided for all volunteers by the Albion Field Station.  To learn more about them, view their web site at http://www.puc.edu/Albion


Ongoing projects - We continue to our support of Mother Lode Adventist Jr. Academy.  We are currently working on refurbishing bike trailers for the 7th and 8th grade class, for their history bike hour in October.  For a list of their needs, you can visit www.mlaja.org and view their wish list.


Pictures of our Projects


You can view pictures of any of our current or past projects on our website.  Go to Past Projects and click on the project you wish to view. www.dogwoodfoundation.org.


Latest Events


The Dogwood Charitable Foundation would like to thank all the volunteers who came out to the “Heaven for Kids” Playground and shared their time to help make the park a safer and more enjoyable place for our kids to play. 


We had 98 volunteers over the four days of the park renovation. 


Projects completed included:

· The whole park was pressure washed to remove all the spider webs

· All the wood was oiled

· Various pieces of broken play equipment were fixed or replaced

· Worn parts on some of the play equipment were replaced

· The roofs, signs and some play equipment were repainted to brighten the colors

· Graffiti was removed

· All the bolts and swings in the park were tightened

· The perimeter fence was repaired

New bark was spread  


Andrew Brennan, one of our young volunteers, was happy to win one of the five bikes we gave away.  He worked very hard, along with his brothers.  The other winners of our bike give away were:  Steve Hannon, Sandy Thorn, Makena Klatt, and Ari Lyons.


How Can I Help?


The Dogwood Charitable Foundation welcomes volunteers who would be interested in helping us with any of our future projects.  We also accept donations through the mail or you can make a secure donation on our website.  It is through your support that our projects can continue. 

Pass It On

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