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“Helping to Rebuild Communities”

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Dogwood Charitable Foundation Quarterly Newsletter

April 10, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                     Vol. 1 No. 5


In every community there is work to be done.  In every nation there are wounds to heal.  In every heart there is power to do it..                               - Marianne Williamson

 Message from the President

This newsletter comes from Martha Grossman.  I apologize for my tardiness in getting a newsletter out.  This is a difficult thing for me to do, as I don’t feel I’m good at this particular job. 

Question for the day: Will we be able to continue to help others with needs?

Our economy seems to be getting worse, our friends and neighbors lose jobs and homes, and disasters continue to happen.  I am trusting God to lead us where we need to go and to continue to open doors and windows and hearts to make this help possible.  I again want to give a heart-felt thanks to those of you who back this foundation with both your generous funds and the time you take to work beside us.  Nothing will get done if we don’t have your support and prayers.

Calendar of Events

May 12 – June 19, 2009 - Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief (ACSDR) has asked Dogwood to direct in building a home in Arkansas.  A disaster coordinator there has had her home seriously damaged by winds from the various hurricanes that have hit since Katrina and the tremors from earthquakes in that area.  This lady coordinates disaster volunteers and is one of the first responders to go into the disaster area.  She is able to work with other groups to let them know where to go and what the needs are.  A great asset for volunteer groups, she is deserving of our assistance to get her back in her home. It is time-consuming to figure out how to get volunteers into an area, find places for them to stay and to find out what is available to us while we are there.

Those interested in coming to help would fly to Little Rock, Arkansas..  The work site is about 40 miles from the airport.  Email us for more information on the project; of course we welcome any financial assistance you are willing to give.  Our goal is to raise $3000 for this project.  If you feel you can help financially, make a tax deductible donation to Dogwood Charitable Foundation.  We continue to ask for your prayers as we try to meet needs where we can.  You can track our fundraising efforts on our home page: www.dogwoodfoundation.org.

Latest Projects

October 2008 – We took a two-week trip to Galveston, Texas to find out where we could help after hurricane Ike.

November –December 2008 - Dogwood took on a five week project to assist a sister church in making repairs after hurricane Ike flooded most of the island of Galveston. The Galveston Seventh-day Adventist church and social hall sustained flood damage and we helped them with repairs.  The social hall received new wiring, sheet rock, tape, texture, and paint, and new ceramic floors. The kitchen received some changes to make it more user-friendly. We added insulation in the ceiling and new sheet rock, tape, and paint on the lower walls.  Our volunteer group from here was small, but God opened doors: other volunteers from different areas of the country came and filled the needs.

A side note: Right after Christmas I injured my back and was pretty much useless for the next 8 weeks.

January and February, 2009 were mostly quiet. This means Jim found some small local needs that he and a handful of others took the time to do.

One project brought to Jim’s attention was for a neighbor who had a bad fall.  He needed a temporary handicap ramp so he could get in and out of his home while confined to a wheel chair.  Another project was to help a local widow with some problems in her home. Through efforts of family and friends and Dogwood and she is getting these taken care of.

In March I was released from my back brace!   Jim and I went to Middletown, California to lead volunteers there to assist the Middletown SDA church with an elementary school project for three days. Volunteers put new siding on the school building, did electrical work, heat and air ducting, deck repairs, and some outbuilding repairs, painting and, other small jobs that need doing. We had a very nice group of volunteers and were able to help this project make some forward momentum.

March 19 – 25 - When we returned to Sonora, we led volunteers in a week-long effort at the Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy in building their new playground area. The playground build had been scheduled for February, but due to bad winter weather had been postponed until their March spring break. Local parents, church members, and friends put up a Miracle Playground set. Even though Sunday was a day of unpleasant weather, the turn out was amazing. When school resumed on Monday the 30th, there was much excitement! The children waited eagerly for recess time to get their first try on the new playground equipment.  To view a slideshow of this project, go to www.dogwoodfoundation.org.  Click on the playground picture. 

Pictures of our Projects

 You can view pictures of any of our current or past projects on our website.  Go to Past Projects and click on the project you wish to view. www.dogwoodfoundation.org.

How Can I Help?

The Dogwood Charitable Foundation welcomes volunteers interested in helping us with any of our future projects.  We also accept donations through the mail or through a secure donation on our website.  It is because of your support that our projects can continue.  Please view our web site for information about our current fundraising campaign and check out our calendar for future events.