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June 8, 2008                                                                                                                                                                           Vol. 1 No. 3


Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle. - Elizabeth David

Message from the President


This month, miracles are in the forefront of my mind.  Lately, as I’ve watched the news, it seems that there are disasters happening all over the world.  There are many people in need of a miracle for some reason or another.  It is very unfortunate that we cannot help everyone.  We can only lend a hand where the opportunity arises.  I believe that even if we can’t be everywhere, helping everyone, that our thoughts and prayers can go along ways.  You never know when a prayer can lead to a miracle for someone who really needs it.  As many of you know we were witness to our own miracle right here.  I’ve already shared the story with many of you.  If you haven’t heard it and would like to read about it, you can find the story on our website.  It’s very wonderful to see a miracle happen and to see how that encounter can change lives. 


Calendar of Events


June 22, 2008 - We are currently in the planning stages for our next project, which will be here in Sonora.  It came to our attention that a local family in the Pheonix Lake area, Remo and Susan Guinasso, are in need of having a handicap ramp built so that Susan can get in and out of their house.  A year ago, Susan sustained an injury to her foot and is in a wheelchair and unable to use stairs.  The plan is to build a handicap ramp and enlarge a door to accommodate for wheelchair access.  We would like to raise $2500 to complete this project.  Our goal is to raise these funds by June 18th so we can begin construction on June 22nd.  We are excited to report we currently have received more than half of that goal.  We are only $1000 short.  If you would like to make a donation to this project, please designate it to Local Community Projects Fund


August 10 – 16 – Albion Field Station – Wood Shed Constuction – We will be assisting in the construction of a new woodshed.  The plan is to dismantle the Quonset-styled metal woodshed across the creek and clean up the eyesore.  We will be assisting in converting the open-sided building, across from the laboratory that was previously used as an aquarium shelter, to a woodshed resembling the dorm cabins.  This 15’ x 20’ building will house the Kabota tractor, lawn mower, garden tools and firewood.


Latest Projects

Community Project – February 3, 2008 -  Thank you to all who came out on a rainy Superbowl Sunday to help a local senior citizen who needed an extra hand.  Several volunteers came to help clean up the mess after a fire burned Ron Tackit’s mobile home.  Burned debris was cleaned up and taken to the dump, a shed in the yard was demolished and the mobile home was made ready to be taken away.  You can view a video clip of this project at the following link.  http://youtube.com/watch?v=AtpTIcZCkYY


Waveland, Mississippi – March 10 – April 20 - Our trip to Waveland, Mississippi was a great success.  We accomplished more than we ever imagined was possible.  Our main project was working on Kelly’s house.  What we accomplished in our short stay was amazing, as the list of things to be done went on and on.  Unfortunately for Kelly, her contractor left the job without finishing her house.  She was left with quite a mess.  Her house was unfinished and the work that was completed was substandard or done completely wrong.  Jim spent many frustrating hours trying to figure out multiple electrical and plumbing problems.   We had a fabulous group of volunteers.  Many thanks to Terri Baker, Dennis Dunn, Merry Warwas, Susie Fox, Sean Martin and Ryan.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules and spring breaks to come and help.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Some of the jobs accomplished by this wonderful group of volunteers included:

·        getting the sewer connection from the house to the street

·        correcting and finishing the electrical and plumbing

·        finish work

·        installing doors

·        running miles of caulking on the trim work to get it ready for painting

·        hooking up the hot water heater and gas connections

·        lots of mechanical work

·        jackhammering out cement

We also did some work at Ellen’s house, which was our home base.   We painted the outside of the house and garage, finished texturing the sheetrock in the bonus room of the garage and finished some interior painting. 


Albion Field StationMay 11-14 – We just returned from a three day stay at Albion.  Jim helped with sheetrocking, mudding and texture of their communication room.  Martha helped with general organization and cleaning of the classrooms in the lab.  The work at Albion is progressing nicely.  To view pictures and get more information about the project go to www.puc.edu/Albion and view Albion News – Newsletter.  Watch our calendar for more projects with Albion Field Station in the future.

Ongoing projects - We continue our support of Mother Lode Adventist Jr. Academy.  This quarter we were able to pick up some needed supplies for one of the classrooms.  We encourage you to look at their list of needs to see if you can help.  You can visit www.mlaja.org and view their wish list.



Pictures of our Projects


You can view pictures of any of our current or past projects on our website.  Go to Past Projects and click on the project you wish to view. www.dogwoodfoundation.org.




How Can I Help?


The Dogwood Charitable Foundation welcomes volunteers who would be interested in helping us with any of our future projects.  We also accept donations through the mail or you can make a secure donation on our website.  It is through your support that our projects can continue.  Please view our web site for information about our current fundraising campaign or our calander, for future events.


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