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October 20, 2008                                                                                                                                                                           Vol. 1 No. 4


Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.  ~Albert Schweitzer

Message from the President

We find ourselves once again at the service of others.  What a blessing that is!  As you all know, the city of Galveston took a direct hit from Hurricane Ike.  Martha and I just returned from spending a week in the area and cleanup is coming along well and home repairs are currently under way. As we know from past disasters, the rebuilding of a city takes time and lots of help.   Martha and I helped with the rebuilding at the Galveston Seventh-day Adventist church. This church is around 100 year’s old.  Their fellowship hall had 2 feet of water in it.  When we arrived, the church members had been able to have the sheetrock striped up to the 4 ft line, removed all the flooring, and damaged furnishings from the hall.   The kitchen was also damaged and all the appliances and lower cabinets had to be thrown out.   During our week there, we we’re able to help replaced the electrical wiring and outlets that were under water.  The church has fire and wind insurance but no flood insurance.  So, even though the wind caused the flood waters to raise the insurance company won’t cover the damage covered by the flooding.  Unfortunately, the Galveston SDA church is on it’s own for repairs. Along with the flood damage, we noticed that the steeple needs to be re-roofed and the church needs a coat of paint. This is a small church made up of mostly retired individuals.  Their total membership is maybe 50 people.  There is one person who attends the church, who has the knowledge on how to put this church back together and that person is not even a member of the church. He has been attending the church for about a year and a half but has not joined yet.  My hat is off to him; he shows up every day and spends his time working on the church.   There are also a few members that are up in their years that come to pitch in but mainly as moral support.. Their age and knowledge of what needs done tends to hold them back. The pastor and his wife are in their 20s and are the youngest of the congregation. This is a blessing because they’re able to connect to the younger generation. The Dogwood Foundation’s intentions are simple, go in with a team of volunteers and help put this church back together. As time allows, we intend to go out into the community and help out any way we can. Our goal is to raise $6,000.00 to make this happen.


Calendar of Events

November 6- December 5, 2008 - We are currently in the planning stages for our next project, which will be in Galveston, Texas.  We would like to raise $6000 to for this project.  Our goal is to raise these funds by November 5th.  If you would like to make a donation to this project, please designate it to Disaster Relief. So, we are once again asking for your help and support.  As always, we appreciate any help you are willing to give.  Please pray about our project and see where the Lord is leading you.  Everyone can help in some way.  Your donations are appreciated, your willingness to take time to volunteer is a wonderful asset and your prayers are what keep us going.  

We are allowing 5 weeks for this project, Martha and I will leave Nov. 2nd and will be set up to accept volunteers by Nov. 6th.  We are asking that you give at least 1 week to the project, more if you can. We will be shutting down the project Dec. 5th so we can be back home Dec. 9th. If you are interested in this project please contact us ASAP, we will send a letter to you with more specific information.

The cheapest airport to fly into at this time is George Bush Intercontinental Airport, flying out of Oakland or San Jose.  As airline prices constantly change, we encourage you to shop around.


Latest Projects

Guinasso Project - In June we took on a local project, to help the Guinasso family with building a handicap ramp into their home.  Susan needed to have better access in and out of her home and she needed a larger door access to a bedroom.  Both these projects aided in making her life easier and friendlier for use with a wheel chair.  We had a great turn out of volunteers and the Guinasso’s are very appreciative of the help and support of everyone who made this possible.  Our thanks to everyone for helping meet the needs of this family.

Albion Field Station – August brought us back to Albion to help make a tractor/wood shed, do some reorganizing in the storage room and the garage, and some landscape planting.  Once again there was a nice turn out of volunteers and the field station has taken on a whole new look. When you get a chance to check them out.  We are sure they would love to see you. Thanks to all volunteers who came, this project could not have been done without you.

MLAJA Work bee - On Sunday August 17th we led volunteers at Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy in a school work bee to get things ready for the first day of school. Around 70 volunteers repaired, painted, cleaned, and organized throughout the campus, helping the school staff to be ready for this school year.  It is amazing what can be done when we pull together and work for the common good.  Thank you everyone.

Galveston, Texas - Jim and Martha made a fact fining trip to Texas, in mid October, to see where we could help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. We are currently raising funds and looking for volunteers who would like to go down in November. We found a Seventh-day Adventist church that we intend to help put back together. Those interested in volunteering for this project call us at 209-743-7045 or E-mail us at contact@dogwoodfoundation.org.  Remember time is short on this project so call quickly!!


Pictures of our Projects


You can view pictures of any of our current or past projects on our website.  Go to Past Projects and click on the project you wish to view. www.dogwoodfoundation.org.


How Can I Help?

The Dogwood Charitable Foundation welcomes volunteers who would be interested in helping us with any of our future projects.  We also accept donations through the mail or you can make a secure donation on our website.  It is through your support that our projects can continue.  Please view our web site for information about our current fundraising campaign or our calendar, for future events.

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