“Helping to Rebuild Communities”

What our friends say about us…


~Our Sonora/MLAJA Friends


Thanks so much for all the time, energy, and organization you and the foundation put into making yesterday's work bee such a success! In all my years here, I've never seen such a good turnout nor so many projects getting completed.  Your efforts are very much appreciated and will be enjoyed by all of us
throughout this school year.


Thanks for your heart and leadership, Jim.  Youʼre admired and loved.
John Mooy


~Our Waveland Mississippi Friends...2008


We welcome you back to Waveland, once again!

I am continuously amazed at the Dedication, Effort, Selfless Acts of Kindness, & Generosity that I have seen with this amazing group of volunteers.

I would have never imagined that you would once again be at my doorstep. Spring is truly here with your arrival. My prayers were answered when I met Jim and Martha Grossman. To me, each of you are the embodiment of Spring...each of you has brought special gifts and wonder. The Dogwood flower is the perfect symbol of your foundation.

We are eternally grateful for each and every one of you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

For Dogwood, my house is a project, an experience, a Christian act. For myself, I reflect on what your Dogwood foundation means to Jim and I, and I feel like I need to say something profound; however, I am not good at that. My words could never express what my thoughts wish to convey. You have all Inspired us, Humbled us, Taught us, Reminded us, and Befriended us. Jim and I feel as though you are family.

This has been a humbling experience. We have gained precious spiritual awareness with your friendship and kindness. We consider all of you our friends. Whenever you are here...Things seem to fall into place. You have given us a huge sense of Relief, Strength, and Confidence.

The Wave that washed Waveland away one morning in August was nothing compared to the Aftermath. You have always managed to appear in our lives like little Angles...just when we needed you most...and we do need you. Jim and Martha, you two have always been, and remain to be Beacons of Light in our Sea of turmoil.

This ongoing saga has become our life story. I think that for most of us now, our lives will henceforth be measured and remembered from that early August morning, when Serenity and Safety were lost. There has been a cloud hovering over the horizon ever since, and you Wonderful, Very special people have all brought the California Sunshine with you. Your group has always and remains to be: a very Positive, Uplifting, Energizing, Motivating, and Invigorating force.

Once you leave here... We will become a memory for you, a day, a week, a month, a moment of time given from your busy lives to share with us. For Jim and I (and all of those many, many individuals and families that you have blessed).  Your visits to our beloved Gulf Coast will forever remain Alive and Perpetual. Your lovely foundation of volunteers emanates all that is good with Humanity.

The Eye of the Storm has helped me to see and to recognize the True face of Humanity and Community. It seems to have brought out the worst of mankind...as well as, the Very Best of Mankind...That is YOU.

There have been many hurdles to overcome, in order to get back to some sense of "normalcy". For those of you who have donated your funds and/or your time to the Hurricane Relief Effort ...I just wanted you to know that ...Jim and Martha and friends have been with us throughout this entire cycle....for both the "Demolition phase", to the "Recovery phase", perhaps the hardest of all. We absolutely could not have done it without all of your generous help and support.

Jim and I love all of you for giving selflessly from the pure goodness of your hearts. You have given us Hope and so much more. We are honored to share this unique time with you. We will remember you always...You have turned messes into masterpieces, Houses into Homes.


Kelley McClure – Waveland, Mississippi


~Our Waveland Mississippi Friends...2007


No words will ever say how very, very much you have meant to us and to our community.  Each and every day there will be reminders of you and your incredible graciousness and love.  You have changed our lives forever.  Kelly – Waveland, Mississippi


What was tragedy here, turned into God’s greatest gift…the gift of love and compassion and the opportunity to meet and experience the true meaning of selfless compassion and sacrifice and servitude.  All of us who know and love you will be forever grateful. 

Ellen – Waveland, Mississippi


There are no words to say how much we appreciate all your help in our recovery.  Vern and Merry – Waveland, Mississippi


We where in need, then came our “California Calvary”.

Jim – Waveland, Mississippi


~Our Albion Field Station Friends


Jim is a person who affirms his volunteers.  His volunteers love him and a good number of them follow him to many of his projects.  I strongly recommend Jim Grossman and Dogwood Foundation as a very worthy and affective foundation for volunteer and relief projects.  Jim and his coworkers make a difference! 

Gilbert Muth, Ph.D – Director, Albion Field Station


~Our Monterey Bay Academy Friends


Thank you for being champions for God and Monterey Bay Academy.  Bill Keresoma, Principal – Monterey Bay Academy


You know that we pray each day for MBA at 4 o’clock – and you are just the kind of miracle we pray for.

Bill Keresoma, Principal – Monterey Bay Academy


Thank you for your vision, your leadership in drafting a group of willing volunteers, and completing a project that yearned to be tackled.  I know that when Jim Grossman is leading the project, the results will be very high quality.  You have made a real difference here. 

Gina Jett, Director of Alumni and Development – Monterey Bay Academy


~Our friends who support us


You truly are an example to all of us – such sacrifice and willingness have left their mark of your visit.  Casey – Granada Hills



Dogwood Charitable Foundation