“Helping to Rebuild Communities”

The Dogwood Charitable Foundation needs you!


Various Opportunities to Help – Dogwood volunteers provide relief to victims of both man made and natural disasters.  When not responding to a disaster, the Dogwood Charitable Foundation does involve itself in community improvement projects.


Your volunteer efforts fit your schedule – The Dogwood Charitable Foundation can work with you to provide a rewarding experience, whatever your schedule.


No special skills are needed – The Dogwood Charitable Foundation needs people with all different backgrounds, talents and skill levels.



The Dogwood Charitable Foundation welcomes volunteers who would be interested in helping us with any of our future projects. 


You can keep informed of planned projects by subscribing to our newsletter or viewing the calendar of events.  We will let you know what the project is, where it will be located and how you can be of help.


We can alert you to any emergency disaster projects we participate in by email.  If you would like to be added to our emergency contact list, please email us at disasterrelief@dogwoodfoundation.org.  Many of our emergency disaster projects are tailored around the victims needs at the time of the disaster and may vary depending on the situation.  We have done various projects, such as building shelters, clean ups, distributing items victims may need and helping in rebuilding efforts after the disaster. 


If you would like to be involved in any of our upcoming volunteer projects and keep informed of what our organization is doing, you can subscribe to our newsletter by emailing us at newsletter@dogwoodfoundation.org.

Dogwood Charitable Foundation